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Memory from

Postby MH2501 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:28 pm

Poem by ..........

At the age of six, I got the call, from deep within my soul.
At age nineteen, I learned to fly, and fanned my kindled fire.
I found another world out there, not too far away,
A world that only pilots know, and that will always be.
Some prefer it's daylight time, but I prefer the night.
There were times that raced my blood, but they were very few.
With wings of man and strong desire, I've left my cares on earth,
And soared into a star filled sky, to soothe my yearning heart.
I've seen and done a thousand things, with flight in that domain.
I've danced alone with moonlit clouds, high above the earth,
And dove and whirled and slipped between, in valleys made for me.
I've seen the sun turn night to day, and day to night in the west.
I've watched the moon's nocturnal flight, until it slid from view.
I've seen the dancing northern lights, with unobstructed view.
I've gazed at distant planets, while deep in solemn thought,
Wondering if someone's out there, wondering, just like me.
I've seen the flash of thunderstorms, when flying high above.
I've clashed with mother nature's wrath, when flying in her realm.
Her realm is where the devils tread, and cast their spears of fire,
But she always deemed to let me pass, to fly another day.
And I've followed the winds to majestic heights, to heights where nothing is,
And in the tranquil peace of space, I touched the hand of God.

-- Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:37 pm --

Some memories that I managed to 'copy and save' from

Got some more, regarding MAS psychomotor/psychometric interview experience shared by some of forumers, that I believe most of them are fly high now..

I will post them here when I have time later.
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Re: Memory from

Postby vincez » Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:20 pm

thank you =) cheers
look on the brighter side people ! have a nice day :D
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Re: Memory from

Postby MH2501 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:59 pm

Part 1

Username :Achiles

mule2 masuk..bagi salam..then ade 2 interviewer kat dalam 1st hr officer Mr Azman if I not mistaken & Capt Idi b777...put my form n certificate on the table n sit down..

2nd..i need to introduce tell bout my hobby..siblings..blablabla..they ask me bout my siblings because im the onli boi among them..huhuhu..

3rd..why u want to b a pilot..blalbalbla...

4th sport n y u play rugby..

5th capt idi aking me a scenario Q..about camping bcoz im the scout comitee members..

6th as usual how airplane n rocket can fly..i just can answer how airplane can fly..

7th asking me about my girlfriend n when i want to be married....

8th mohsin just come in..n his first word is..finish u!!!...

9th mr mohsin start attacking me with his Q..damn..(*this is becoz..last kazen told him that i will be interview by die suruh belasah aku cukup2..wahaha..) so td mmg mr mohsin belasan aku cukup2 lar..
but some of his Q bole jawab n some cannot...soalan die yg merendah2kan candidate..cakap xlayak la..xseswai la..nak jd pilot sebab gurl la..duet handle btol2 ye..aku just senyum n kekadang je lawan kekadang x..

10th die tye sape dressupkan aku arini..awek ke?..i said my friend..then he ask again awek kan?..i said nope friends..n he said that im gay..aiyo..then gelak ramai2..huhu

11th ask about whut r u doin during your free time....

12th what can u promise to us if we take u as a pilot?..i said that i promise will be safeties pilot n the best pilot among malaysia airlines pilot..then he said mane ade safeties..safes la..hish kau nih..matsaleh kelantan btol..erk..then i sory english is not so gud n i will do anything to improve my english..

13th..last skali die tye if we are captain..with which captain do u want to fly with..aku cakap la mr mohsin cz die attack aku ngn soalan2 mencabar..n mr azman..HR the least..then die cakap mati la ko..azman tue hr..after that diorang gelak2 lagi..then mr mohsin ckp die gurau jer..

n for the last u have any question??...i said yes.. i ask capt idi..what is the best attitude or qualities to be a pilot..then he answewr myQ..

after that i salam la seme2 mohsin ckp lagi...fuh..sejuknyer la tangan then gelak2 lagi...adoi...

lepas bagi salam.. aku keluar..

thats all..

Part 2 :

Username : - interview was on the 16th of august 2007...takot mcm hell...xdpt tido seyh 1 night...mine is at 10.20 am..but ntahlah ape jd,delay....bout 11 bru dpt it goes...

X: "overkillchaos" u can come in...
i pon nervous coz b4 dat tgh beborak wif another parent punye candidate,,men hentam masok je..
X: assalamualaikum "overkillchaos"...<<he stress the akum here coz i juz walked into the room...duhh!!! Wink
but then,kerusi tinggi plak..dah i terjongket...kelam kabut r..try try to become comfrtable wif the chair la...

Z: i dont think u r comfortable r..

(of coz im not comfortable rite now!!!dahla dis is d important interview of my life!!and dat frigging chair wat hal pulak!!!!!)

X came n tolong adjust the chair...

Y: tell me bout urself..(me cite la)
Z:weh!!!nih 10As!!!jd doctor la wei!!!
overkillchaos: i dont want to become doc sir,it is my passion to become a pilot since i was a kid..its my ambition..and my dream to fly..<<goreng>>
Y:haha...ok2 so currently u said dat u r studying at uitm in actuarial science,i want to know wut is actuarial science?
overkillchaos:<damn!!mane study psal actuarial science!!d whole week study mas je!!does not expect the ques>>kind sir..actuarial science is......<entam!tapi logical entam la..goreng kasi bek..>
Z:so overkillchaos,u said it is ur passion to become a pilot,how many tyres does boeing have?
overkillchaos:<one more damn!mane study boeing!>i'm sorry sir..i didnt have the answer right now,but if given ample time and space,i can research into it and provide u wif the right answer<lari dari ques dgn bijak la>
Z:la..2 pon xtau?anak sy tau la!<d whole room gelak>
X:so overkillchaos,u r A1 in physics,tell me how the plane flew?
overkillchaos:<cter bernoulli>
X:ok,if i put aerofoils onto my porshe,can it fly?
overkillchaos:theoratically yes but practically no.
X:ayooo ape theratically or practically nh??
overkillchaos: on paper can sir,but your porsche does not have the necessary equipment to fly,therefore it will fall down. bout rockets?they doesny have any wings
overkillchaos:im sorry not into rocket science
X:entam je!!!
overkillchaos:im so sorry sir..
overkillchaos:cter how rocket flew but not into detail
X:see?boew ade slh2 r..
Y: if u failed dis interview,what would u do?
overkillchaos:i would reapply again for mas..and if mas does not take me,i would apply for _______ airlines to continue my dreams
X:wat could you see in 10 years time?
overkillchaos:captain of b737
X:y is dat?
overkillchaos:in my humble opinion,logically...bla..bla..
X:ayo..overkillchaos,xsemestinya sume jd pilot..u can go into management..bla..bla..<how ould i noe dis??mr. X ajar plak>
Z:how could you seperate 2 pilot?1 is a senior captain,another is a junior..
overkillchaos:< ques nih?><senyum>im so sorry kind sirs,i didnt have the ans rite now.
Z:ala...entam la
overkillchaos:i dont want to entam2 anymore sir.
<satu room gelak>
Y:juz try..
overkillchaos:<entam>maybe there is a star shaped insignia on his shoulder?
X:a star shaped insignia means dat he is a mangement pilot...bla...bla..<teach me somemore>
overkillchaos:......<lstening la>
X:so how do you rate your interview?from 1 till 10

X:aik?y is dat?you r so confident when came here..
overkillchaos:i think i didnt answer a few ques correctly.dis is an interview,even a little bit of mistake could sway the result away from my favour
Z:haha..u r vry confident at every answer,but sumtimes u melalut..contoh mase rocket science.....

X:overkillchaos,u r 19 years old..i didnt expect u to know everything..i juz want to know who you r.
Y:any ques?
overkillchaos:tanye la a bit...

worse interview of my life..xde stu bnd yg i research msok pon.xde psl fleet status,board of directors,history pon...mmg terkejot glew..i think ive may failed,but that deep in my heart,ive passed the interview<confident ag 2!!!>tp ape2 pon tawakal je la...if ade rezeki,klu xde xde rezeki la
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Re: Memory from

Postby Maverick » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:19 am

I just turned dyslexic after reading the first 3 lines... :><.:
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Re: Memory from

Postby Clement » Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:41 am

Maverick wrote:I just turned dyslexic after reading the first 3 lines... :><.:

Exactly...... :=\:
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Re: Memory from

Postby MH2501 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:33 pm

Part 3:

Username : Gazze 7 (Batch 2/2008)

(cerita ditampilkan dalam bahasa kebangsaan, bahasa jiwa bangsa)

kisah aku...

watak : aku, mr x, mr y and mr z
perwatakan : aku (si diinterview), mr x(ketua panel pemilihan), mr y(hr), dan mr z(si penghentam)

<b4 masuk>
mr y kua dr bilik smbl komplen "asal sejuk je kt dlm td, kt lua ni x sgt pon." kemudian beliau tanya sama ada aku sudah ready untuk diinterview.aku menjawab, "ya!"
sebelum tuh, bdak sblum aku, sgtlah pndek sesinya, hanya kira2 20 minit saja,so aku rasa aku punya pon bkal pndek gak r

<dlm blik>
cam besa, salam dlu.then, mintak duduk. sila2,jgn bersila sudah...

mr y:gtaw ttg dri n nape plih pilot sbg karier?

mr x:camne dgn psediaan?
daku:sy dpt tau ada interview ari ahad tgh malam, n interview ari rabu.jadik,x byk r psediaan yg leh uat...intnet,forum(ini forum la)dll... -kesian nak mampus aku juz ada 2 ari je nak prepare-

mr z:td psl asal-usul awk kn, awk ni kira jawa r ek?
daku:bukan, melayu asli
mr z:org asli?
daku:bukan, orang melayu yg sebenarnya melayu
mr z:salah tu, kita org mesia sebnarnya
-ntah pape je, dah tu, dok kata aku jawa lak...cian aku..

mr z:ok2, apa yg uat awk rasa sorg pilot 2 bgs?
aku:blablabala..aku mention pilot ni antara karier yang x suma org leh uat.
mr z:so,u kata i dgn mr y nih x bagus r?mr y, kita jgn amek dia,slambe jek ngata kita...
-sudah,mr z ni mmg kaki pembelit,pandai2 dia alter kata2, aku tpaksa goreng supaya karier dia jugak nmpak hebat...

mr z:k, u kata pilot ni kreatif. gimme example.
aku:in emergency case........blablabla
mr z:2 je?lain?
-aku tdiam seribu 1 kata dop,tataw nak goreng pape dah...
mr z:hah, cepat jawab. ni cane nak jd pilot nih?2 pon xtaw ke?
aku:so, apa jawapan dia?
-bengongnya aku boleh g tny dia balik.

mr z:nape perlu saya invest bout 180 000.00 pada org cm awak?sy rs cm mmbazir jek sbb awk nih xde kualiti. sy x nampak pape dr awk ni...
-terasa aku ditusuk bagai sembilu. cam tu je dia paku aku.

mr z:apa kualiti yg ada pd u yg uat awk sgt layak ni?
mr z:high leadership quality?u look like loser je...
aku:no sir, suma nih dah proven tym skolah dlu.
-dat tym mr x belek2 sijil,mmg ada je sijil bab2 leadership ni...
mr x:in case awk x dipilih sbg leader, awk nk uat pe?
aku:blabla....dynamic team mbr...example,rugby,orchestra,plkn,dll..
-nampak mr z diam sket,pndai gak aku jwb...

mr x:gtaw 4 daya yg terlibat tym flight mula2 nak naik tuh?
-yes, at last, ni r soklan yg aku tggu,mende nih je aku kaji,tp last2,aku kna paku dgn soalan2 pelik dr mr z

mr z:kalau kami 3 ni kapten awk, awk prefer sp as ur faveret kapten?
aku:mrz,mrx and mr y
mr z:bodek nih,aku xde jawatan penting pon dlm selection nih.ko x plih mr y, abes ar,dia hr nih...
aku:fly dgn mr z best je.mcm2 rasa..
mr z:ye la ko..

mr y:blablbla....dia cite suma proses dr medical check-up smpai la proses aku nk jadik sorg kapten.
-aku xleh fokus sbb emosi sdikit tganggu dgn soalan2 pelik mr z tadi..
mr y:so, u have any question?
aku:saya nak tanya mr z,apa yang mrz boleh katakan dengan sifat pilot yg kreatif?boleh bg contoh?
mr z:gelak tahap siot je. saya nk awk balik carik jwpn..
-gila, bukan nak jawab soklan aku..last2,suh aku carik sdiri

ntah r, byk g soklan2 yang sgt2 x bkait dgn info2 MAS mahupun flight theory...byk bout quality,sifat2 z mmg byk hentam org,but dia nak tgk bdak pndai bg idea or defense ourselves je r...pndai2 goreng,jgn hangus lak

then,salam2,pastu blah..
hahahaha....almost 50 minutes dok dlm bilik tuh...balik, isap rokok, tido!

2 weeks later, mrs intan kata aku selected...alhamduilillah...

Part 4:

Username : Rasyid

ok .. here goes my interview ..

mine was on 3:20 pm .. but im still searching for the building at 3:10 .. when i found the places .. i immediately fill the form .. bla bla bla .. 3 minutes later they call my name .. and when i came in .. shake hand .. got three panel .. Mr X , Puan Y , Mr Z ... and then i give my file .. then they ask me to close the door rapat rapat .. then sit ..

puan Y: are you ok .. you look nervous

rasyid: im ok ...

puan Y: you are here for the MAS interview right ? not firefly or MASwing ?

rasyid: yes mam ..

puan Y: ok .. how bout we start this by telling us bout yourself ...

rasyid: my name bla bla bla .. school .. now ..

puan Y: owh .. lots of school .. ok .. why do you want to be a pilot ?

rasyid: because bla bla bla ...

puan Y: Why suddenly change ? last time u r from religious school .. then u take network .. now why choose pilot ?

rasyid: its not like that .. bla bla bla ..

puan Y:when did u get to know about this interview

rasyid: er .. (im counting with my finger .. really forgot because my mum called me informing me .. actually already know long time before .. but if i say one month .. then theyll say i should have make alot of preparation .. so to play safe .. i use the date they send me letter ) ... bout two weeks .. i get the news during my final exam .. thats why im abit confused ..

Mr X : what did u prepare ? lets make it simple .. you tell us everything you have prepared for this interview ..

rasyid: about MAS .. MASwing ... Firefly ... history ( tell them about the history ) ... fleet ...

puan Y: ok that is common .. if u are coming to this interview for any job for MAS ... u need to know dat .. but tell us what u prepare as a cadet pilot ..

rasyid: ok .... i read about aircraft .. how they fly ...

Mr Z: can you explain ..

rasyid:sure ... (draw draw .... xplain ... i mention about and Mr X was excited .. he says that his son always go to this website .. )

Mr Z:your aerofoil look like a whale .. ( then they all laugh .. i just keep smiling )..

Mr Z: u study at JB rite .. so do u fly to kuching with Airasia ?

rasyid: sometimes ... ( i say this word like whispering... then evrybody laugh )

Mr Z:ok rasyid ..why dont you just be a computer person ... be like a bill gates .. u can travel .. have your own private jet .. your own pilot .. besides , people will serve u when u travel ...

rasyid: im not that smart sir .. bla bla bla ..

Mr Z:hey .. bla bla bla ( its abit religious here so dont wanna explain .) ..

rasyid: sir .. then i think i dont have interest much in computer like Bill Gates does ..

Mr Z: haha .. so when u be a pilot .. u will do the same .. u will have nop interest after some times ... do you know how much is the cost to send you ?

rasyid:yes ... ( then he talks alot .. then i say i will never lost interest in being a pilot )

puan Y: .. are you sure ? i will write down here .. ( a form paper ) what u r telling me .. i can use this 10 years later if u loose interest ..

: okay madam .. u may ..

Mr Z:what is the characteristic of a pilot ..

: (i name 5 .. i never prepared it so just hentam ... luckily stop at 5 ..)

then finish .. its much longer .. but dont think need to tell all ... sumtimes just the same Q ..

but i was never asked about ..
- BOD , chairman , strength , weakness , no situation , no " what will you be 10 years from now " , no rocket question ...

b4 i go out .. shake hand ... and Mr X says .. 2 days coming will be ur birthday right .. so happy birthday ... then bagi salam .. blah ..

i think my interview is not very good because they seems not asking critical question .. they were like entertaining me .. not interviewing me ..

the fella after me got hit badly ....

-- Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:52 pm --

Dusk said..

MAS (Malaysia Airlines System) interview process is the 3rd stage of a 4 stage cadet selection process. After completing the Psychomotor and Psychometric test, they will want to interview u themselves. This is actually to test your confidence and to see weather you are really interested in flying or not. Because, there is no better way to do that. Of course u could act at the interview, but that's up to u.

For the interview, wear a tie. This is because everyone there wears a tie, belt, and black shoes. They will ask u why don't u wear a tie if ure unlucky. Don't let them find a reason to not take u in the airlines.

When u enter the room, there will be 3 or 4 people sitting behind a long table. Before u enter the room, knock and greet them appropriately. Don't sit until they ask u to or else they will say who asked u to sit? or who gave u permission to sit? So, ask permission before sitting( Can I have a seat Sir..??!)

This is to startle u to make ur confidence drop. Then they will shoot u with questions and pressure u. So, keep calm and answer everything confidently. If u don't know, just say u don't know. They don't want u to try to give the wrong answer. Or just answer confidently. Haha.

So im gonna give some example of the interview questions. These are questions collected from most of the cadets. If you are really interested in aviation u must know a little bit of aerodynamics.

So what do they ask during a MAS interview?

Bernoulli's Principle

Bernoulli's Principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases.

Like what u learnt in physics. So the wing is an aerofoil. Air moves faster above than below (because it has to travel further). So, as the principle suggest, a low pressure area is created above the wing. This pulls the plane up creating a lift. If the lift is greater then the drag, the plane will lift off the ground.

Another component affecting the plane is the drag. Which is countered by the trust of the plane. U guys should know this already. Next they might as you about..

These pictures is not by me. I dont remember where are they from. I googled them.

The Fleet status
B747-400 (Passenger) = ??
B747-200 (Freighter) =??
A330-200 =??
A330-300 =??
B737-400 =??
F50 =??
DHC6 Twin Otter =??
Total number of aircraft =??

These are taken directly from the Malaysia Airlines site

Then u have to know this names..

Board of Directors

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) : ??
Appointed on : ??

Chairman : ??
Appointed on : ??

Senior General Manager Flight Operations :??

General Manager Flight Operations (Ops & Dev)

Chief Pilot (Training & Standards)


Finally learn the MAS history. Some people got asked a little bit on this. ... out_us.asp

Owh, I just remembered. If they ask u If u don't get pass this interview, will u join _____(enter nemesis airlines name here)_____ ?

The answer for this is Yes..!!
I will join any airlines because my dream is to fly and I want to make a carrier from what I like to do the most. I've always imagined myself flying continue with your own stuff.

Another interesting part of this interview is they will give u a situation. They will put u in some kind of complex situation where u will be given a few choices. None of the choices will seem right to u but u have to find the best way out.

For example, u just joined the airlines and now u have to fly with this very senior captain with 30 years of experience. Its dark outside with clouds scowling around u. He is descending to where he claims is an airport, but u know there is a mountain up ahead. If he keeps descending at this rate, he, I mean, both of u and 200 passangers will hit the mountain for sure. What will u do?

So what's ur answer? Talk politely to the captain??! NO!!! I know what im doing!! He shouts at u back.

The interviewers will shout at u back. “How can u question his experience? He is a senior captain!”

You will be.. Um..I will.....

7000ft!  Another captain making things difficult for you.

I will...

5000!!! he counts mercilessly.

I will grab the controls from him and knock him out.!! You came out with ur best solution.

3000! You hit a mountain.

Now u realized u should have tried to reason with him. U must understand a senior captain doesn't take advices form younger people because everybody has got some ego in them. So u have to try a different approach. You cant go, Captain! You are wrong! Im right!! Imagine a 10 year old speaks to u like that. Teaching u to do ur job. The thing u have been doing forever.

So try, Captain, are u sure there is an airport there?
If he insist to continue, say Where is this 4000ft mountain suppose to be?
Act modest, make him tell u where is it. This way he will realize and attempt to cover his pride. Hehe.
Owh I was planning to go around the mountain. I wasn't trying to go straight at it.
Case solved. But u might get another situation.

Sometimes, in other situation u have to be assertive. I don't know what will they throw at you. Anyway, I think I might given abit too much info. So u might just cheat on the interview which will cancel the whole purpose of the interview. But u must be really interested in flying to have found this page. Haha. So its not too bad. In the end, it all comes down to u on how u present urself to them. Good luck for those who is going to this interview.

This interview is from my own experience, some of the cadets, some who is already flying, and my dad who used to conduct the interview

hopefully it helps..
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Re: Memory from

Postby hdblue » Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:20 pm

Dear friends

I like Memory from very much.

Very useful for me.

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Re: Memory from

Postby smiling.tang » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:53 pm

It's a pity that the website had already been closed
when I realised its existence last year.
Anyway,those information is truely great =D

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Memory from

Postby torx » Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:59 pm

We had great fun during flydammit times.. All good things will come to an end and it happened to flydammit due to some 'issues'..

Lets make flylah as good and as fun like the good old days k!
Real planes have propellers!
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Re: Memory from

Postby hakujaya90 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:10 pm

I find flylah is not as glory as flydamnit use to be.... Y? What can we do to fix it?
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