Cathay Pacific Cadet.. Open to all nationality.

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Re: Cathay Pacific Cadet.. Open to all nationality.

Postby throttlejockey » Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:40 pm

Ok Guys.... for the people who are interested in CX and want more interesting read about the 2nd officer (I call it office boy officer) there is another website like this one, who has more intensive reading... www.http://www.pp@#$

I am sorry to adminstrator for this.. but i believe guys should know the full story, than a Capt from CX blowing smoke up people asses :)) just because he tall, white, speak perfect english and wearing a full CX uniform... he will tell the sky is blue, the grass is soooooo green etc... like Tony F... :p becareful the wolves are out there.

READ between the lines... if you do pass through the hoops in the interview for the cadet entry pilot (SO) position then you will be living off your very small SO paycheck in the world's most, arguably, expensive city. If you are single then you can get a flop house sort of place with other SOs as a place to hang between trips and vacations around the world, but that life style can get old quickly.

Something to keep in mind as well is that SO time at CX is with a P2X rating. It is basically a rating concocted by CX with the help of HKCAD that will keep SOs at CX because the rating doesn't allow you to even log P2/SIC time in the jet. You can only log P2X time. (you will never fly (never touch the controls of the plane) BECAUSE you are given a P2X rating).. useless if you want to come back to malaysia after 3years. DCA might not recognise it.. Remember too that your "flying" as an SO will consist of doing cruise paperwork, radio work and making the crew bunks while the captain or relief FO spins the heading bug.

DONT get the shiny jet fever...
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